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Eastern Epukiro Farmers Association

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The Eastern Epukiro Farmers Association (EEFA) is a registered non-profit organisation committed to serve the community of Epukiro Constituency. EEFA provides it's outmost best in serving and helping farmers enhance in their agricultural and livestock farming.

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12 September 2023

Change in Permit Days for September and October

Our permit days for September and October have changed, as we will have ONE PERMIT DAY ONLY for the respective months. For September, Our next Permit day will be on the 27th of September in Omawewozonyanda (Pos 3). The following permit day will be on the 25th of October in Pos 3 as well. Unless announced otherwise. PLEASE NOTE, ALL PERMITS FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR WILL BE IN POS 3!


Dates And Venues

19 September 2023

20 September 2023

21 September 2023

EEFA provides marketing services to its members. This is done through finding a buyer for cattle and livestock and negotiating for better prices for our buyers. This is done through organising permit days for farmers to sell their cattle.

EEFA provides information day/farmers day, training and workshops to its members. These workshops and training are intended to increase the farmers knowledge in agricultural areas such as poultry, swine, small stock, cattle, gardening etc.

EEFA holds an annual Business and Agricultural Expo which gives a platform for farmers to showcase their livestock and businesses.


Get answers to FAQs about EEFA services

When and where should we expect the next permit ?

We have permits every month of the year, which mostly happen the first two weeks of every month but could happen in the third or fourth week. You could always download our 2023 annual calendar to have the precise dates and venues of the permit.

EEFA does not buy livestock from local farmers but host permit for local farmers and ensure that they invite the best livestock buyer to the permit as per different locality areas in Epukiro.

EEFA is an Epukiro Farmers Organization and our Head Office is located in Omawewozonyanda (Pos3) in the Epukiro Constituency, Omaheke Region.

We are a farmer's association that works mostly with agricultural and livestock farming, be it commercial or subsistence farming.

Consistently, we hold Farmer's Day every second month in a year, to keep farmers informed and updated in the farmers industry. We also have an annual Agricultural & Business Expo each year, which is hosted in August, that runs for 1 week approximately.